I first attended one of Tina's yoga classes through my firm, Baker McKenzie, where she held an introductory session for my team over Zoom. As a relative newcomer to yoga, I really enjoyed the class as it catered to a range of levels and I left feeling energised and refreshed. As Tina has many years of experience working in a high stress environment, I found she was able to convey the benefits of yoga in general and of each pose in reducing anxiety and improving mental health. This really resonated with me as a junior lawyer still finding my feet in a role that can sometimes be stressful. I have since joined more of Tina's online classes and am grateful to be a part of the yoga community she is building, especially during this pandemic. I look forward to developing my interest in yoga further with Tina!
London, UK
I am new to yoga but have found the sessions with Tina extremely beneficial. As a cyclist, I have a lot of problems with my lower back, which is reinforced by the working from home situation. After a short period of time practicing with TIna, I noticed enormous progress in my lower back, posture and physical condition in general. But more importantly, I noticed tremendous improvement in my mental health after every session. It's the ultimate form of relaxation after a stressful work day. Tina is a wonderful, extremely patient and encouraging teacher who can tailor a yoga session based on the wishes and needs of the group. Thank you Tina, for introducing me to yoga and I'm looking forward to future sessions.
The Hague, Netherlands
Tina has opened a whole new world for me! I never thought I would say this, but I have become a yogi! Before meeting Tina, I was always too intimidated to start doing yoga classes. It thought it would be too difficult and that I would never be good enough. But Tina took the time to take us through the yoga essentials and made sure we understood the different poses. Her lessons are fun and very relaxing. Especially during these stressful (Covid) times, the classes help you unwind and let go. She takes all her students into consideration and works in flows that suit their needs; for example, hip openers and back stretches for cyclists.
The Hague, Netherlands
Tina is a beautiful and warm person, whose energy, gentle tone and detailed guidance through demonstrations, clear instructions, functions of the human body and mind - with an emphasis on building inner tools to reduce anxiety and stress - have provided me with a perfect balance of physical exertion and mental relaxation which leaves me feeling euphoric and grounded.
London, UK
While I am painfully aware that I have reached a stage in my life where not doing any sports is not an option anymore, yoga was not something that I had on my radar screen. I had already practiced general fitness exercises for over a year and reduced the pain attacks in my upper back significantly when Tina introduced me to yoga. Joining her classes was one of the best decisions I ever made. First of all it is really fun practicing with her and her group. Secondly, I am benefitting a lot from the stretching exercises and feel further relief for my upper back and my shoulders; for the first time in two years I am able to stretch my left arm again with almost no pain. And finally the classes are absolutely soothing, I always have the notion that my yoga mat is like a flying carpet that is getting me away from everything that is stressful. Tina is a great and very patient teacher, who constantly keeps encouraging us and is making sure that even inflexible people like me can keep up. Many thanks for having me in your classes, Tina!
Frankfurt, Germany
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