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Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being.  It affects how we think, feel and act.

All of these components have a tremendous influence on how you relate to others, relate to yourself, make decisions in life, how you work, how you view life in general, and most importantly – how you handle stress or even bouts of depression.

If you suffer with chronic or generalized anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or other mental health challenges, you are not alone.  Millions of everyday people, from all walks of life, and from all different countries and backgrounds, suffer daily with various forms of mental health problems.

But here’s the good news for you. There’s a growing body of scientific research that supports yoga’s vast mental health benefits. Yoga directly and positively impacts the mind and body in a number of very profound ways including:

  • Increasing a deeper awareness of your own mind and body
  • Relieving all types of mental and physical stress in a gentle way
  • Reducing painful muscle tension, strain and even body inflammation
  • Sharpening your own ability to focus and concentrate with greater clarity
  • Helping you to clear mental roadblocks and allow for greater self-discovery
  • Calming, centering, and soothing your entire nervous system – from head to toe

Yoga is an ancient practice that allows you to finally “shed the stress”, reconnect with your body and mind, relieve body tension and mental strain, and allows you to finally feel good in your own skin again.

If you are new to yoga, you may be wondering where you start when it comes to your own yoga practice. And what about proper support, guidance, and being part of a group where you’re always welcome and never a stranger?

Now all of this and more is available to you inside the all-inclusive and free online membership called Yogaward.

This online membership is for men and women (from all across the globe) who are suffering from mental health challenges, and who are seeking a more natural and gentle approach to mental health healing.  The Yogaward method of yoga offers this approach.

Yogaward Offers a ‘Synergistic’ Approach To Overcoming Mental Health Problems

Yogaward is founded on a simple 4-step approach to help you overcome your own mental health issues and roadblocks. These steps are:   MOVE, BREATHE, BE & BELONG.

This is a very powerful yet ‘synergistic’ approach that works on all aspects of your mental, physical and social wellbeing. This approach will allow you to finally let go of the mental constraints that may be depleting your own energy, personality, and vitality in life.

When you join Yogaward, you’ll obtain access to online yoga classes, yoga videos, important guest speakers, be part of an amazing group of people like yourself, and much more. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the 4 steps (or components) that is included in your free Yogaward membership.

The issues live in our tissues” – this means that even if you’re not fully aware of it, your body may be secretly storing away past tension or trauma within the muscles of your body or mind. In order to free your body of tightly held stress or trauma, it makes sense to MOVE the body. This is where yoga, and particularly the practice of asanas and poses combined with proper breath control and mindfulness, can do wonders for your own mental health issues.

Once you get your mind and body to begin moving through the various flows of yoga, you’ll be shocked at not only how liberating it can feel, but it may also unearth those stored and toxic emotions that’ve been weighing you down for quite some time. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll begin to see how movement plus mindfulness will make you much more connected with your authentic self.

With a Yogaward membership, you’ll obtain exclusive access to a number of diverse yoga classes and poses that will help you release stored muscle tension and stress, but in a very gentle and enjoyable way. These specific yoga poses will be like a breath of fresh air to your “locked” body – helping you achieve a greater state of flow, peace, and harmony.

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Here’s Everything You’ll Get With Your Free Membership To Yogaward

When you join Yogaward, you’ll be not only become part of a warm, welcoming and highly supportive group of very diverse people, but you’ll also finally get on the right path to your own self-discovery. The Yogaward membership is full of useful resources and more (that are right at your fingertips) to help you along every step of your new journey.

Here’s a quick summary of everything you’ll get with your free membership: