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There’s a growing body of scientific research that supports yoga’s vast physical and mental health benefits. Yoga directly and positively impacts the mind and body in a number of very profound ways including:

  • Increasing a deeper awareness of your own mind and body
  • Relieving all types of mental and physical stress in a gentle way
  • Reducing painful muscle tension, strain and even body inflammation
  • Sharpening your own ability to focus and concentrate with greater clarity
  • Helping you to clear mental roadblocks and allow for greater self-discovery
  • Calming, centering, and soothing your entire nervous system – from head to toe

Yoga is an ancient practice that allows you to finally “shed the stress”, reconnect with your body and mind, relieve body tension and mental strain, and allows you to finally feel good in your own skin again.

If you are new to yoga, you may be wondering where you start when it comes to your own yoga practice. And what about proper support, guidance, and being part of a group where you’re always welcome and never a stranger?

Now all of this and more is available to you inside the all-inclusive online membership called Yogaward.

This online membership is for men and women who are seeking a more natural and gentle approach to improved health and well being.  The Yogaward method of yoga offers this approach.

Yogaward Offers a ‘Synergistic’ Approach For Personal Transformation

Yogaward is founded on a simple 4-step approach which allow you to improve your physical health but also transform your thinking patterns. These steps are:   MOVE, BREATHE, BE & BELONG.

This is a very powerful yet ‘synergistic’ approach that works on all aspects of your mental, physical and social wellbeing. This approach will allow you to finally let go of the mental constraints that may be depleting your own energy, personality, and vitality in life.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of the four Yogaward steps:


The issues live in our tissues” – this means that even if you’re not fully aware of it, your body may be secretly storing away past tension or trauma within the muscles of your body or mind. In order to free your body of tightly held stress or trauma, it makes sense to MOVE the body. This is where yoga, and particularly the practice of asanas and poses combined with proper breath control and mindfulness, can do wonders for your own mental health issues.

Once you get your mind and body to begin moving through the various flows of yoga, you’ll be shocked at not only how liberating it can feel, but it may also unearth those stored and toxic emotions that’ve been weighing you down for quite some time. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll begin to see how movement plus mindfulness will make you much more connected with your authentic self.

With a Yogaward membership, you’ll obtain exclusive access to a number of diverse yoga classes and poses that will help you release stored muscle tension and stress, but in a very gentle and enjoyable way. These specific yoga poses will be like a breath of fresh air to your “locked” body – helping you achieve a greater state of flow, peace, and harmony.

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Breath is life. And it also holds the key to helping you reduce or even eliminate mind/body tension, stress or anxiety. When you combine proper breathing with movement, it can have a very positive impact on the mind/body. Pranayama is the yoga practice of breath control. Studies have shown that simply by changing your patterns of breathing, you can directly impact the body’s own stress response systems. This means stopping the body’s natural ‘fight or flight’ stress response, relieving symptoms of anxiety, panic or depression, and even PTSD. Proper breathwork can also boost lung function, improve blood pressure, and even help with cognitive brain function.

With a Yogaward membership, you’ll obtain exclusive access to some very specific and guided Pranayama practices that will make a dramatic impact in your own mental and physical wellbeing. Once you integrate this practice into your daily life, you’ll be amazed at how much lighter and more alive you’ll feel. Breathing will not only empower you, but it will also give you more control over your health.

Upcoming Pranayama Practices

Pranayama Practice Yogic Breath

Pranayama Practice Nadi Shodhana

Pranayama Practice Coherent Breathing


Movement and breathing are not only essential for being truly alive, but they also give you an opportunity to turn your focus from the outer world to your inner world. This means allowing yourself to just BE. In this state, you simply are as you are. You are fully present in the moment with your own thoughts and feelings, but not in an attached way. You become an observer. When you can simply just BE present and observe, you will see your thoughts as just that – only thoughts. And it will allow anxiety, tension and any other mental ‘static’ to naturally melt away.

Inside Yogaward, you’ll get exclusive access to a number of guided meditation practices that will motivate and inspire you. All of these offerings will help you to finally BE present, BE fully aware, and BE at peace in your own world.

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As a human being, you naturally thrive when you connect with others.  But when you battle with various mental health disorders, it’s very common to pull away or disconnect from the most important people in your life.  This isolation can further compound the negative effects of your own mental battles.

But if you choose to BELONG in the world (as the social creature that you are) it can make a dramatic and very positive impact on your own levels of stress, anxiety and depression – while also boosting your own contentment, joy, self-worth and happiness. Plus, having a healthy social life can not only aid in your own mental/physical health, it can also add years to our lives.

Inside Yogaward, you’ll enjoy a safe and social place to connect with others. A place where you won’t be judged – only welcomed in a very warm, comforting, and healing way. 

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Here’s Everything You’ll Get With Your Free Yogaward Membership

When you join Yogaward, you’ll be not only become part of a warm, welcoming and highly supportive group of very diverse people, but you’ll also finally get on the right path to your own self-discovery. The Yogaward membership is full of useful resources and more (that are right at your fingertips) to help you along every step of your new journey.

Here’s a quick summary of everything you’ll get with your free membership:

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