Sporty young woman doing stretching exercise using props, block, Ardha Hanumanasana or Half Monkey God Pose at home.

Yoga Myth 1: I’m Not Flexible Enough

My partner Lee is an avid runner.  He runs about 50 km per week and is proud of his 4 minute per kilometer pace.  After we moved to the Hague, Lee also adopted the Dutch custom of cycling everywhere.  Whilst these activities are great for cardiovascular training, they also have a downside – they do not improve flexibility. As I began

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Image of stressed negative man sitting on bed indoors at home

Is Your Job Killing You?

Sixteen hour working days, tight deadlines, sales targets, bonus targets, performance reviews, conference calls, childcare, pet care, travel, travel delays, airports, hotels, hostile bosses, hostile employees, lack of management support, HR bullies, redundancies, restructurings, resource issues, systems issues, zero work life balance, a global pandemic…… My job was killing me.  Most of the above description pretty much sums up my

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