Losing It In Lockdown? Yoga Can Help You Stay Sane

Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s essential. In these strange times, in which even some of our most balanced and collected acquaintances are feeling a little on edge, taking some “me” time is fundamental to staying well and, frankly, sane. Addressing our needs to maintain mental and physical wellbeing is not just crucial for ourselves but for those we love as well.

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Angela’s Battle with Bipolar Disorder

It was the evening of 23rd of November 2010, 2 days before Thanksgiving in the US.  I was asleep upstairs when my partner Lee woke me to tell me my sister had died.  Upon hearing the news, I jumped out of bed in shock, ran down the stair and out the door onto the street outside.  It had snowed in

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Woman with mental problem talking in front of support group

Are Companies Finally Supporting Employees’ Mental Health?

I come from a generation whose idea of work life balance equated to whether you could balance your sixth cup of coffee on top of the huge stack of work you’re behind on.  By definition the term “working from home” simply meant you were working … from home … at 11pm and on weekends.  I’ve worked and taken conference calls

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Yoga for Panic Attacks

I had my first panic attack on a bus driving from Zakopane to Warsaw, Poland in the winter of 1997.  The bus was filled with 50 or so colleagues from a consulting firm I had joined a few months prior, having moved to Warsaw from Philadelphia to start my career abroad.  The firm had taken us to Zakopane for a

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